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Home Inspections are an important part of the real estate purchasing process.

Home Inspections are so common that they're written into the real estate purchase agreement. 

Typically, once you and the seller have signed the contract, you enter into the "Attorney Review/Inspection" phase of the purchase process. This time period (3-7 days, as agreed on the contract) gives you a chance to get your inspector into the property, and it also gives your attorney time to chat with the seller's attorney about the finer details of the contract.

So what do you do during this time?

Hire an inspector!

When you call, be ready to tell the inspector by when you need the inspection completed. Usually, though, the inspector's office will tell you the day/time of the next available appointment. Go ahead and book that time, then reach out to your real estate agent with the appointment details. She will coordinate the appointment with the listing agent so the home will be available at that time. 

If at all possible, I suggest you attend the inspection. You'll not only be able to see the details of the property, but the inspector will most likely give you home maintenance tips, too.

Usually, the report is ready within 24 hours. You should give a copy to your attorney, and discuss with him/her how you want to handle the items.

Remember - no home is perfect, and you should expect to have ongoing maintenance expenses. The home inspection isn't to acknowledge that the home's in perfect shape, but rather it's to give you insights into what your upcoming maintenance expenses will be.

Read more about home inspections at the American Society of Home Inspectors Website (Select this link)

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